Monday, July 18, 2016


Last Sunday Lesley Stahl interviewed the Republican soon-to-be-anointed duo.  She tried to enforce some logic into the verbal chaos, which was all "Trump about Trump" (who else).
Her efforts were in vain and Trump's meager vocabulary (terrific, stupid, great...TRUMP) made for some sort of deterrent against the assaults of sophistication, logic and normal follow up.

Pence tried to defend his many reversals, with the help of the Republican presidential candidate who follows a childish path of denial.  Trump would be perfect as a stand up for baby food, Pampers and cartoons.  Pence, who answers "religion" while being asked serious questions, looks pained, like some underpaid intern who has lost the car key.

Ridiculous is not a fatal disease, otherwise the Republican convention would already be over.
The show will go on, without the Republican "who's who" absentees.  The few amateurs of this phony spectacle will be exposed, non-stop, to a "Trump c'est moi", ad nauseam.

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