Friday, July 15, 2016


It is too early to try to comprehend the Nice tragedy.  The truck from hell became yet again another weapon of mass destruction.  Likely this was an other Jihadist attack on the Western way of civilized life.  Lone wolf or cell, the consequences have the familiar look of Islamist nihilism.

It becomes irrelevant to try linking this and other "massacres" to grouping X, Y or Z since they quell their thirst at the same source: Wahhabi financed mosques in our own midst.  The silence in many parts of the Muslim world is no longer admissible. "Embarrassment" of leaders is not enough. It is an insult to the victims. 

The West finds itself again in an impossible situation, selling to Muslim states know-how which can be detoured for nefarious ends, and letting the social media be accomplices in spreading the poison of the "Satanic Verses".  Sometimes the terrorists look as if they want Trump to be president. Maybe they look for the Armageddon which fits their ideology. The Democrats might not hand them the keys to paradise, as the Republicans might.

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