Saturday, October 8, 2016


Trump could be heard yesterday loud (as usual) and clear (as seldom).  Only the fools could have been surprised.  Bouncers are also pimps, after all.  His comments were not those of a man who has an "affair".  His comments came from a real, sexually deranged, serial predator who views women as "raw material".  That this man can still be the candidate of the GOP for the presidency beats me.  The addition of the inept, the uninformed and the vulgar should disqualify him.

So, now you have three Republican camps who look equally pathetic:

--The wife trying to condemn and forgive (Fifth Ave. is better than Slovenia).
--The Republican establishment types who vent their embarrassment while trying to equalize their candidate's non grata persona with some of Secretary Clinton's intellectual triangulations.
--The flock of Evangelicals and so-called white blue-collar "men", under the banner of Trump's vice presidential choice, Governor Mike  Pence, who chooses creationism over Darwin and life over dignity.
The first looks pathetic, the second look elsewhere and the third don't look.

The world watches in disbelief. A Republican nominee talks trailer trash and continues,  until now, to spread his dandruff over his party. He should normally be trashed next November, and if the Republicans continue to choose to be lemmings, their party will implode. There are still enough Republicans with class and knowledge of the world left to make a U-turn in direction of the spirit of Burke and Lincoln. If the hard-core conservatives prefer denial over clarity, they can set up some type of reserve for their brethren. There is room in America, maybe too much of it.

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