Thursday, October 20, 2016


Last night we had to sit through the third rerun of the Clinton/Trump feud.  We got the confirmation that Secretary Clinton can be on automatic pilot and that Trump is a thug in love with himself.  From the mix of personal insults and lies I retain his "Finale", wherein Trump refused to say if he would accept the result of the presidential elections.  He is indeed the undertaker of the democratic principles, which have never been assaulted as was the case yesterday.  

The debate was icy, devoid of any intellectual, personal input. Secretary Clinton's contempt and Trump's gutter vocabulary made any attempt to salvage some form of mutual respect impossible.  Mrs. Clinton won, Trump didn't lose, since he has already made the choice to be tomorrow's curse. His camp will remain solid in the embrace of the "negative".

The Republicans play a vicious game and might end up being the makers of a self-fulfilling prophecy, leaving their party in free-fall. Trump may still have his Warholian short moments of celebrity, since he cannot stay out of the limelight, be it at any cost.  His future is made of bricks, mortar and bad taste. His style is "kitsch", his family is a "human shield" pathetic lot.

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