Monday, October 10, 2016


The second presidential debate is an ugly stain on the American political saga.  Secretary Clinton held on to a stoic demeanor but had a hard time sticking to issues since her opponent followed a scorched earth strategy, ignoring questions and throwing mud around.  Trump transformed the podium into a scaffold, acting like a stalker, mugger and executioner.  Never has a candidate for the presidency been so incompetent on issues and so pathologically a liar.
The moderators looked on in disbelief, while this F.W. Murnau-type of scenario was unfolding.

After this loathsome performance, Trump's followers will have only themselves to blame for being considered deplorable pariahs. To witness evil is bad enough, to participate and condone it is beyond redemption.  So we will continue to suffer the indignities of this campaign  until November 8.  Unfortunately, Trump's certain loss will not be the end of this American horror story.  This beast is here to stay. When awakened, Godzilla never goes away.

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