Monday, October 24, 2016


It is not that often that one can observe the waves of a threatening advancing tsunami close up.
Trump will lose, that is a fact.  What comes after might still be ominous though.  He brought populism into the fray.  Fires are easier to ignite than to extinguish.  He abandoned the right to happiness and replaced it by the rule of the negative and invective.  Jefferson's ideas fit in some painting by Nicolas Poussin or Claude le Lorrain, Trump's world is closer to Goya's nightmares (a compliment not deserved).

The debates were all about fury and contempt. Too bad there was never an opportunity for familiarity with the historical. Imagine Trump having to answer questions regarding Kennan's long telegram, Bosnia, Israel or the South China Sea situation?  The last Economist was all about "Putinism". I bet that one of Trump's underlings will feed him the jest of an analysis, which is too long for his short attention space to apprehend.

The more one sees Trump, the more one is confronted with the psyche of an insecure, heinous, unforgiving, immature personality. Hence, the aftermath of this perverse election might become a nightmare.  A bad loser might well choose a Third Reich-escape route, and try to bring the system to a near breaking point. The "deplorables" and the Republican demented suspects--Giuliani, Sessions, Carson, Palin, Christie, the Fox and Breitbart hordes--who are his Praetorian clique, might as well choose open warfare against a President Hillary Clinton. They inhabit a Bosch world without redemption. They are anti-globalization without argument, anti- big government without alternative, and inhabit Salem without an exit door!

America needs to protect its soul. This election is unique insofar as "fair play" is banned from the Republican (?) candidate's mantra and that the bona fide conservatives are not to be seen or heard. What is at stake now is not the result but the survival of an unique American experiment, initiated in harmony and now beleaguered.

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