Saturday, October 15, 2016


Ian McEwan is an extraordinary goldsmith of the English language and narrative (Amsterdam,
Atonement...). In Nutshell he creates a polyphony with accents of Macbeth, Les Diaboliques and a Zeitgeist as ominous as an el Greco sky.  The atmosphere of this novel is almost musical, a Beethoven- or Schubert-like quatuor.

In the current times this implacable merciless sad story is the more striking because it refutes noise and fury. Movements and gestures can be more expressive than shouts and histrionics.
McEwan is the ultimate chamber music enchanter in literature. His lucid, melancholic observations are not devoid of sardonic humor.  He notarizes the hopelessness while retaining empathy for people's pathetic doomed upstream swimming against denial.

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