Friday, October 7, 2016


Returning from a short break abroad I feel like living an accelerated "catastrophe" movie.
Things certainly did not improve.  The Syrian nightmare continues.  Most of the political discourse in the West has been taken over by negatives, such as Brexit and by the anti-globalization mob. The US presidential elections defy imagination. Trump became the oecumenical offender in chief. His leaked misogynistic salvo (which came out lately) might even embarrass the likes of Ann Coulter. The EU leaders (of what?) look like a remake of a zombie scenario. Even the weather knocks at the doors of the climate change deniers who will remain deaf nevertheless.  I feel like I'm inhabiting Plato's cavern. We end up looking at the shadow or the projection of a distant reality which exits behind our backs. We remain hooked on cycles which we no longer want to control or correct.

If we were to follow the anti-free trade camp we might as well leave it to the Chinese & Co. to 
control the markets while we end up making obsolete goods which will die off since they no longer compete and might as well be still-born. 

Syria is an other tragedy like Biafra, Rwanda and others, but with the added difference that nobody wants to get burned in this Inferno. Only the likes of Ambassador Holbrooke might have forced an outcome...maybe.  The silence is deafening. The Russians might overplay their deck as the Chinese might risk doing in the South China Sea. The Americans are busy with trivia of their own making. The Europeans meet "to meet".  I am afraid the second US presidentcial debate Sunday will be more panem and circenses than substance. Wait and see!

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